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Disorganization and clutter can make you feel stressed and anxious. Often when you try to straighten things out, they in fact get worse, making you feel frustrated. You think that you should be able to take care of this yourself…

But wait a minute…

Let’s think of all the other things you ask for help with and never give it a thought. Things like painting your house, shoveling snow, fixing a leaky faucet.

So why not ask for help making your house a home where you can feel relaxed and comfortable and have time to enjoy your favorite pastimes?

Are any of these situations familiar?

  • Last minute rushing out the door in the morning because you can’t find the clothes you want.
  • Unhealthy meal choices because cluttered countertops and hard to find pantry items make dinner a chore.
  • Bills are often unpaid because they are lost in a mountain of papers.
  • The laundry is out of control, always six loads behind where it should be.

Not everyone is organized and even those who are can go through a major life change that throws them for a loop. The birth of a baby, loss of a job, divorce, children who have moved out and a death in the family are just some of the major life changers.

As a home organizer, I can work with you to organize your space and develop new habits & skills that will lead to less stress and give you more time to do the things you enjoy.

Tomorrow is today! Start organizing now and enjoy your new life!
Call me at 508-733-2389 or email me if you feel more comfortable.

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