Freshman Only

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Freshmen Only!

Just kidding…….

The first thing you must do to make your freshman year successful is to get yourself a planner.
Really look them over well and find one that works for you. Think about the types of information that you will enter, where it will it go? Where will it fit? Will you be able to see it easily?

Then Use It! I mean it. Before you know it, you will have so many things going on that you will lose track of something and all *!?# will break loose! Then STRESS! We’ll talk about that later.

A. Write down and highlight due dates for tests, papers, projects as well as everyday assignments. Color coding can be extremely helpful.
B. Develop a Study Plan. Don’t wait until the last minute, I’m not kidding! Spread out your prep time the week before by scheduling it on your planner. It’s easier to accomplish all you need to if it is written down. You have to have a visual reminder.
C. Make sure you have all necessary supplies. Paper, pen, computer, calculator, folders, a snack; whatever it takes to work without crazy interruptions.
D. REVIEW Every day look at your planner several times and REVIEW notes from every class.
E. Form a Study Group. It will make studying more fun, plus you will get help and support in your weak areas. And there is less chance you’ll forget to do something.

If you want to make significant progress in your life, don’t forget to find success on the far side of failure. – Stephen R. Covey


No getting around it, stress is part of the deal, but how you cope makes all the difference.
Schedule coping strategies into your day and you’ll be much better off.

Remember S E E D


It can be tough to get enough sleep during exam time, but sleep is critical for clear thinking. Enter sleep time into your planner!


Don’t skip meals because you are too busy. You’ll lose focus and concentration. Keep healthy snacks in your dorm room to eat there or on the run. Nuts, fruit, cheese sticks, salsa and chips, yogurt, humus, peanut butter, edamame. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. (Make sure your roommate doesn’t have nut allergies.)


This is an excellent way to combat stress and stay healthy. Grab a friend and go for a powerwalk. (You can even quiz each other on tomorrow’s exam material while you are walking). Or head off to the gym or do some yoga in your dorm room.


Too much of anything isn’t good, even studying. Frequent, 10 minute breaks are beneficial, but so is taking a couple of hours to hang out with friends. Go to a movie, play a game or meet for pizza.

All of the above tips will help keep you healthy, focused and ready to do your BEST!

Speaking of HEALTHY, you are living in close proximity to many people. Germs are everywhere. By following the above and adding frequent hand washing, (Google to see how to really wash your hands), you will hopefully not get sick. But if you aren’t feeling well, don’t hesitate to see your school nurse. The sooner you address a problem, the sooner you will feel better and be back on your feet!

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