Over 55

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Over 55 and Seniors

I can help you remain in your home by working with you on simple changes that will make your home safe and comfortable.

  • Clutter reduction and modifications to furniture arrangements can help prevent falls especially when using canes and walkers.
  • Adjusting the location of commonly used kitchen items can reduce bending to locate things in lower cabinets or straining to reach items that are too high. The same can be done in other rooms as well as closets.
  • I believe that the more self-sufficient a person is, the happier they are.

If you are thinking about moving, consider the following.

A Professional Organizer can help lessen the stress and emotions of a major move as well as take some of the burden off by doing part or all of the following:

  • Put together a plan for getting the project done in a few weeks, months or even years.
  • Help decide what to keep and what to let go of.
  • Declutter and ready the home to put on the market.
  • Recommend resources for donation, disposal of hazardous material and junk, and consignment.
  • Find the right mover. A competent mover will reduce breakage and makes unpacking much easier.
  • Work out a plan for furniture placement in the new home; keeping safety and ease of movement in mind as well as accessibility of commonly used items and maximization of storage.
  • Unpacking and setting up the difficult areas of the new home: kitchen, bedroom and closets.
  • Removal of boxes and packing materials.
  • Emotional support.

Going through a complex process like this is much easier when you have someone to help and guide you.

My phone consultation is free. Please call or email for more information.

Memory Impairment

A familiar, comfortable living space is instrumental in maintaining emotional equilibrium when a loved one has memory impairment. Confusing visual environments, accompanied by loud noise can be distressing and may lead to anxiety and difficult behavior. Reducing clutter and simplifying furniture arrangements will provide a safe, easy to navigate home.

Reducing commonly used items such as clothing and toiletries to just a few selections will also reduce confusion and frustration.

It can be challenging to live with a family member who has memory impairment. It can sap your energy as well as your patience. It is wise to have another person to replace you on a regular basis so you remain energized. There are many wonderful resources for you to tap into to assist you with care giving.

In the event that it is impossible to care for a family member at home, there are many wonderful facilities that provide warm caring environments as well as activities geared to keeping a memory impaired person stimulated.

Please ask me for my list of resources.

Call me today at 508-733-2389 or email me if you feel more comfortable.

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