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“My 9 year old son kept complaining that he had no space to play in his room. We asked Ann to help us. Not only is there space to play; but forgotten toys have been found, all the correct parts and pieces are together and it’s easier to put everything away. My son loves his ‘new’ room.” Click here to see photos.

1-artist-studio-after-1“Ann is a natural born organizer and a pleasure to work with. She assessed my studio without any pressure and was able to create order out of chaos. As an artist, I get so involved with painting; that papers tend to pile up, paints get misplaced and my brushes hide under it all! It’s stressful to spend time looking for a specific paint color and see papers on the floor. I have different types of paints and needed a system to find them when needed. Ann organized all my paints. Watercolors placed in clear containers and acrylics in a system on the wall so I can see them clearly. My brushes are together in containers. I now have labeled boxes for my papers and everything is color coded so I know my collage papers are in one box and my hand- painted papers are in another. I can now focus on what I love and not spend precious time searching for things.” – Thanks, Ann

“Ann was great at getting my office tidy and functional. She gave me some great ideas about how to store my items, and how to put together a plan to keep things where they should go. Thank you Ann!” Click here to see photos.

testimonial-image“My mother gave me a gift of organizing my pantry. I wasn’t really sure what Ann would be able to do for me, but I was stunned at the difference the organizing made. The room is so much more functional and pleasant to be in. The project then morphed into a partial kitchen reorg which again, is going to make a huge difference in my life. Everything is stored in a logical place and there is so much more storage space now.” Thanks, Mum and Thanks, Ann! Click here to see more photos.

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